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Hi, I am Jeremy Erickson, I am an real estate marketing professional.  I have been in Real Estate for 15 years, and have sold hundreds of homes.  I have learned a lot along the way. I will be posting listings, my marketing project, and tons of stuff related to Real Estate and marketing it  Also, some of you know that I am a photographer, and videographer.  I will post some of my work here that is real estate worthy.  Please enjoy, and let me know if I can help you with your projects..

I will be posting some of my real estate media projects that I have worked on, and things I have produced, photos, video, etc.

Woodhouse Group

I was licensed at 43 degrees North Real Estate for 9 years, and just made the jump to Woodhouse so I can work with Will and Angie Dilmore.  I will be spending a portion of my time out at Movado Community selling in the Greens and the Village sections.  I have started a instagram account and plan on post a lot of media there.  

Thank for stopping by, looking forward to seeing you more around here!


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