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Road to Sun Valley

I scheduled some photo work up in Sun Valley this week, so Monday I took a drive.  Once I left Mtn Home, about 23 miles out of town, the snow was everywhere!  It was beautiful!  I stopped and took a few photos on the way.  I always have loved the drive to Sun Valley, and the roads were clear.   My favorite stopping spot is that scenic overlook area that has some history signs.  I ended up doing an Environmental self portrait because I love that view.  I stuck my camera on the tripod, I used my Panasonic G9 with my Olympus 40-150mm F2.8 lens. I started my wifi and opened my iPhone panasonic app and framed my self in the shot.  When I do selfies, I go all out!  I love the old buildings that are found around farms in Idaho.  There is so much rich history behind those.  It reminds me of my Grandpa and all the things he did back in the old days on farms and building. I love capturing that old Idaho architecture!

Road to SunValley-6Road to SunValley-4Road to SunValley-3Road to SunValley-2Road to SunValley

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