With over 20 years experience in the Real Estate industry with the first 5 years as a loan officer and the last 15 years as a licensed agent.  Jeremy has specialized in new Construction and worked exclusively with a builder for the past 6 years specializing in Marketing strategies such as, web development, email marketing, Videography, photography, and lead generation.  

When Jeremy is not selling real estate, he is usually shooting video for youth sports especially any teams his sons are involved in.  On the occasional weekend, Jeremy will be capturing wedding videos making lasting memories for newly married couples. 

Besides marketing real estate, Jeremy is a published Photographer, and usually always has a camera handy for capturing life and everything around him.  With not much time in the day, Jeremy carves out a few hours a week feeding the youtube machine since he is a creator there with thousands of subscribers and millions of views.  Sports Highlights, Vlogs, and wedding films take up most of his channel, but he is always looking for a video production challenge.

Jeremy’s greatest accomplishments are his family, his loving wife with over twenty years of marriage and his amazing three boys, his 17 year old, 15 year old, and a 12 year old.  Jeremys boys are in to fitness, and football, and most of the time my wife and I spend time trying to keep the fridge full.  I look forward to getting to know you better!